Safety First

Safety First!

If you were watching CHCH Television the other day, you got a behind the scenes look at the craftsmanship our cheesemakers put into every delicious wheel of Upper Canada’s award-winning cheeses. We were thrilled to have their cameras on-site to capture the process of cheesemaking. However, there’s a little more to the story that I’d like to share with you. In addition to pure, locally sourced ingredients and the expertise of our cheesemakers, it’s our rigorous food safety regimen that ensures our cheeses meet the highest standards of quality and are truly worthy of being served to your family. 

There are three pillars of our food safety program: creamery cleaning, staff sanitization, and product testing. This process is designed to meet and exceed all provincial and federal safety regulations.

At Upper Canada, the day begins and ends with a complete wash down of the entire creamery. Our staff sanitizes the equipment, the walls, drains, and the vats where the cheese is made. At the end of the week, we go one step further. That’s when we disassemble the machinery in the creamery, everything from wheels to the valves, and do a thorough cleaning with a powerful foam to ensure all surfaces are clean and free of bacteria. 

Secondly, our staff are committed to safety. From training to practice, we are consistent in following a thorough hygiene routine. Hands are sanitized prior to beginning work and every time a staff member switches tasks. This is verified and reinforced through testing which take place at several points throughout the day. 

Finally, our products are tested numerous times before we are prepared to offer them up to you and your family. It is tested during the make, while it ripens in our ripening rooms, and prior to being placed on the shelves or shipped out to stores. Our comprehensive tests check for the presence of:

• e-coli and various other types of coliforms;

• staphylococcus; 

• listeria;

• salmonella; 

• and many other potential contaminants.

I am pleased to say that we achieve consistently excellent results.

We know that when you purchase any of our cheeses, you are placing your trust in us. As such, we are committed to earning your trust every day. Our food safety program is a tremendously important aspect of that commitment. Our processes are reviewed and monitored by both federal and provincial regulating authorities. This way, you can enjoy each mouth-watering bite of our cheeses with complete confidence.

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